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Evaluation Panels


Evaluation Overview
Evaluation Panels Process Documentation
Clarifying Questions
Applicant Advisory
Evaluation Panels Selection Process

Evaluation results for each application are available here.

Evaluation Overview

The Applicant Guidebook defines seven evaluations that all applications must go through. These evaluations are performed by independent experts that ICANN engaged.

In the Initial Evaluation, applicants undergo the following assessments:

  • String Reviews
    • String similarity
    • Reserved names
    • DNS stability
    • Geographic names
  • Applicant Reviews
    • Demonstration of technical and operational capability
    • Demonstration of financial capability
    • Registry services reviews for DNS stability issues

Failure to pass any one of these reviews result in a failure to pass the Initial Evaluation. Extended Evaluation may be applicable in cases in which an applicant does not pass the Initial Evaluation. See Module 2 of the Applicant Guidebook for more information.

An application must pass all these reviews to be eligible for contention resolution (if applicable) and to enter into a Registry Agreement with ICANN to operate the applied-for TLD.

Evaluation Panels Process Documentation

The Evaluation Panel Process Documentation is posted for informational purposes only. Each independent Evaluation Panel was responsible for the development of their own internal tools and processes for the evaluation of the new gTLD applications.

Clarifying Questions

Per the Applicant Guidebook: "As part of the evaluation process, evaluators may request clarification or additional information during the Initial Evaluation period. For each application, clarifying questions will be consolidated and sent to the applicant from each of the panels. The applicant will thus have an opportunity to clarify or supplement the application in those areas where a request is made by the evaluators."

For more information, visit the Clarifying Questions page.

Applicant Advisories

To help applicants prepare for receiving clarifying questions during the evaluation process, ICANN issued the Applicant Advisories. See below advisories related to specific application questions.

Evaluation Panel Selection Process

The evaluation panel selection process occurred in 2009 with multiple rounds of solicitation for Expressions of Interest. Twelve organizations representing six nations responded to the call. Following a period of review of the Expressions of Interest against the Selection Criteria, ICANN selected the evaluation panels for the seven evaluations defined in the Applicant Guidebook. Service providers were announced in October 2011 during the New gTLD Program Update presentation [PDF, 882 KB] (slide 19) at ICANN42 Senegal.

More information on Evaluation Panel selection process is available here.