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Program Materials

The information on this page is applicable to the 2012 round of the New gTLD Program only. Please go to for information on the New gTLD Program: Next Round.

To view material in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish, click on the language links located beneath the blue banner. If other languages are available, they are listed beneath the English version below.

Glossary [PDF, 557 KB]


Contracting Deadlines and Extensions [PDF, 340 KB]

Specification 13 [PDF, 428 KB]

Code of Conduct Exemption

Specification 11 of the Revised New gTLD Registry Agreement: Public Interest Commitments

Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT) v.2.7 [PDF, 214 KB]

Trademark Clearinghouse

Centralized Zone Data Service [PDF, 324 KB]

Fact Sheets

Information for Rights Holders [PDF, 1.71 MB]



Evaluation Clarifying Questions

Community Priority Evaluation [PDF, 377 KB]

Fact Sheets

Basic Fact Sheet [PDF, 1.15 MB]

Applicant Support Program Fact Sheet [PDF, 677 KB]

IDN Fact Sheet [PDF, 794 KB]

Government Fact Sheet [PDF, 355 KB]

Objection & Dispute Resolution Fact Sheet [PDF, 832 KB]


New gTLD Basics Presentation [PDF, 1.06 MB]

New gTLD Applicant Support Program Overview [PDF, 629 KB]