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The New gTLD Program Continues to Gain Momentum

There's a lot to talk about as we head into ICANN 52 in Singapore. Nearly 500 new gTLD strings have been delegated and the Global Domains Division (GDD) continues to expand its services and systems.  We're also gearing up to tackle complex issues like Universal Acceptance, an initiative to help ensure all domain names and email addresses are recognized whether they're using Latin, Chinese, Arabic or other character-based scripts.

Tracking the Future of the New gTLD Program

By Karen Lentz | 28 January 2015

The New gTLD Program, one of the most important developments in the Internet space in recent years, continues to gain momentum: over 400 new gTLDs have been introduced so far, and still counting. The Program represents significant work by the ICANN community, and we continue to hear from more people interested in learning about these opportunities and how to participate.

What's next? ICANN is committed to opening another application window for new gTLDs as quickly as possible, but there is a lot of work to be done first.

First New gTLDs Get the Green Light for Delegation

by Christine Willett | 21 October 2013

The time has come! Today, the first four domains from ICANN's New Generic Top-Level Domains Program were cleared to proceed to delegation. This marks the start of a measured roll out of new gTLDs, which are designed to expand opportunities for businesses, communities and Internet users around the world.

These first new gTLDs, or strings, are:

What the Recent New gTLD Program Committee's Resolutions Regarding GAC Category 2 Advice and Name Collision Mean to the Contracting Process

by Christine Willett | 20 October 2013

After several months of work including input from numerous members of the ICANN community, the New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) has taken action on two key issues affecting applicants of the program – GAC Category 2 Advice and Name Collision.

The actions taken by the NGPC enable affected applications to progress through key phases of the program to move forward once again. The resolutions of the NGPC can be found at:

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As the steward of the global expansion of new generic top-level domains (New gTLDs), ICANN maintains strict confidentiality about applicants and their applications. However, we know from interacting with our community that many applicants have fascinating stories – along with key learnings that could help other applicants.