Trademark Clearinghouse for Registries & Registrars

All new gTLD Registries, and contracted Registrars, need to work with the Trademark Clearinghouse to provide Sunrise and Claims services. These services are rights protection mechanisms for trademark holders that have recorded their marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse. The information below is intended to help Registries and Registrars better understand the technical aspects and processes related to providing Sunrise and Claims services during TLD Startup.

Registry and Registrar Certification

For registries and registrars to access the Clearinghouse data, they must have access to a test environment to ensure that their systems are connecting properly. Once certification testing has been completed, registries and registrars are able to use the production environment for the Clearinghouse services.

Certified Registrars (Updated ) [PDF, 62.0 KB]
Certified Registrars (Updated ) [CSV, 6.82 KB]

Download the official list of Registrars that have fully executed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement and received certification from IBM, which oversees the database of all verified trademarks.

Certification Process for Trademark Database

Step Registry Process Registrar Process
1 Registry Agreement Executed 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement Executed
2 Registry Operator supplies Trademark Database contact information to ICANN

Registrar requests token from customer service at Request must include

  • TMDB contact information (name and email address)

Request should come from Registrar Primary Contact via Primary Contact email address. Other sources may be considered if adequately explained.

3 Registry Services provides a TMDB token to the TMDB contact ICANN Customer Service provides a token to the TMDB contact
4 Registry Operator uses the TMDB website to create user credentials using the token Registrar uses the TMDB website to create user credentials using the token
5 User credentials are emailed to the TMDB contact email address User credentials are emailed to the TMDB contact email address
6 Registry Operator completes functional testing in the TMDB site Registrar completes testing (TMDB Test Services) in the TMDB site
7 IBM certifies successful completion of testing & notifies Registry Operator and ICANN IBM certifies successful completion of testing & notifies Registrar and ICANN
8 Registry Operator provides start up information to ICANN Registrar is free to contract with new registries
9 Registry Services reviews and approves start up information (follow up may be required if issues are found) ICANN GDD Operations updates the Certified Registrars List
10 TMDB account is ready for use  

Certification Resources

Online Materials

  • Presentation [PDF, 5.56 MB] – The Trademark Database (TMDB) Explained for Registrars
  • Webinar - The Trademark Database (TMDB) Explained for Registry Operators
  • Presentation [PDF, 2.02 MB] - The Trademark Database (TMDB) Explained for Registry Operators

Sunrise and Claims User Manuals

Learn how to access and navigate the Trademark Clearinghouse interface.

Registration and Platform Access Information

Get started with the Operational Testing & Evaluation and Production Platforms

TLD Startup Information

Submit TLD Startup Information, request Sunrise and Claims dates and request an exemption from further TMCH integration testing.

Trademark Clearinghouse Rights Protection Mechanism Documentation


Signed Mark Data Files

A Signed Mark Data (SMD) file is a token demonstrating that minimum eligibility requirements for Sunrise have been verified by the Clearinghouse. The SMD can be used by the Trademark holder to apply for a Domain Name during the sunrise period. Learn more [PDF, 400 KB] (Published 29 August 2013).

Testing Files

SMD Testing files are intended to help Registries and Registrars in their integration efforts with the Trademark Clearinghouse in advance of delegation. Review information below:

SMD Revocation

Revoking an SMD is the process of invalidating an SMD before its expiration date. The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) may invalidate an SMD for several reasons, including security or data validation issues. The list (SMDRL) of revoked SMDs is maintained as part of the Trademark Database (TMCH) and published as specified in section 6.2 of the TMCH Functional Specifications. If your product uses SMDs, you must verify that the SMD has not been revoked as described in section 5.3.2 of the aforementioned Internet-draft.

Signed Mark Data Revocation List (SMDRL)

Registries and Registrars of new gTLDs have access to the SMDRL from the TMCH as part of the RPM requirements, and other parties may request access from ICANN. If you are interested in accessing the SMDRL, please send an email to using a subject line of "SMDRL Access Request."