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ICANN Accredited Registrars Can Now Begin to Prepare for Trademark Clearinghouse Services

by Christine Willett | 4 October 2013

After hearing from many Registrars, we have decided to provide any ICANN accredited Registrar access to the Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise and Claims Database Operational Test and Evaluation Platform (TMDB OT&E). This means that all ICANN accredited Registrars, not just those that have signed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), will be able to request registration tokens and start testing their systems with the Trademark Clearinghouse database before it must begin its authenticating and verifying services for trademark data.

For existing Registrars interested in requesting a token, please follow the below steps. In addition, the process document that contains details on registering, obtaining credentials and testing is located on the Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise & Claims Services page of the New gTLD microsite. Once requested, tokens are generally active within four hours of being generated and they do not expire, so registration can occur when convenient.

Process to request a token:

  1. Send an email with a subject line of "TMDB Test Registration Token" to ICANN's Customer Support Center (CSC) Team at The request should be sent by the primary contact at the Registrar and the following information must be provided in the request:
    1. The Registrar ID (this must be the IANA ID – use this link: to obtain/verify the ID).
    2. The contact name and email address to which the TMDB credentials will be emailed (this occurs AFTER using the token to register at the TMDB site).
    3. The CSC will generate the token and respond back to the requestor providing them with the registration token to be used in the registration process.

We understand the importance of testing with the TMDB and wish to be sensitive to your need do so as soon as possible, whether or not a registrar has completed its execution of the 2013 RAA. We anticipate that enabling all ICANN Accredited Registrars access to the test environment for Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise and Claims, they will be prepared for the rollout of new gTLDs and ensuring the protection of the rights of trademark holders.