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EBERO Plan Moving Forward Rapidly

by Karla Valente | 14 December 2011

Monday, 5 December marked the Request for Information (RFI) deadline that asked Emergency Back-End Registry Operator (EBERO) candidates to submit their proposals if they would like to be considered for the new gTLD EBERO Program. We received 14 RFIs from respondents in North America, South America, Asia and Europe and we plan to make the final selection of EBERO organizations in 2012.

Predicting the Future

by Scott Pinzon | 19 September 2011

People have a lot of opinions – positive, negative and everything in between – about new gTLDs.  At ICANN, we believe that new gTLDs are a platform of innovation, but we can’t predict the future to tell you what kinds of new products and services might be developed.

That is the thing about innovation. It is notoriously hard to predict. Nobody knows what new gTLDs will bring.