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GAC Early Warning


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What is a GAC Early Warning?

  • An Early Warning is a notice from members of ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) that an application is seen as potentially sensitive or problematic by one or more governments.
  • An Early Warning is NOT a formal objection, nor does it directly lead to a process that can result in rejection of the application.

What Should I Do If My Application Receives an Early Warning?

If you receive an Early Warning, you will have 21 days to notify ICANN if you would like to withdraw your application for a higher refund (see section 1.5.1 of the Applicant Guidebook). If you elect to continue with the application, it is recommended that you get in touch with representatives from the relevant government(s) to address the concern raised in the warning. The list of GAC members is available on the GAC website at

Notification of GAC Early Warnings

GAC Early Warnings were released 20 November 2012. Emails were sent directly to applicant's primary contact and the list of Early Warnings was posted to the GAC website.

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