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TAS: TLD Application System

Note: The TLD Application System was the online interface for submission of gTLD applications to ICANN. It is no longer in active use. New gTLD applicant information and support are now available through the ICANN Portal.

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TAS User Home Page and Applicant Dashboard

Each registered TAS user will have a User Home Page that displays a list of applications and related statuses. Clicking on any application displays an Application Dashboard Page with more detail about that particular application including any outstanding tasks.

Applicants with completed applications may receive tasks. TAS will alert applicants via email if there are tasks requiring their action (e.g., clarifying questions from any of the evaluation panels). Applicants can access and complete these tasks via the Application Dashboard Page. As applicants will be notified of tasks via email, be sure to add "" to the safe list.


If you have any questions about TAS, see the TAS User Guide and other helpful documents at, or contact Global Support at or via email at

TAS Resources

TAS User Guide [PDF, 8.06 MB]

TAS Tips [PDF, 444 KB]

TAS Quick Start Guides

TAS Character Limits [PDF, 318 KB]

TAS Attachments [PDF, 657 KB]

Viewing and Uploading Documents in TAS and the Customer Portal [PDF, 466 KB] – To increase the level of security, TAS runs within a Citrix XenApp Remote Desktop application. This guide provides information on how to manage files (uploading, downloading, and viewing) within the Citrix XenApp Remote Desktop.

Accessing TAS and the Customer Portal [PDF, 1.17 MB] – This guide provides instructions for logging into TAS and the Customer Portal, including how to reset your password.

Installing/Reinstalling Citrix [PDF, 1.31 MB] – This document describes how to install or reinstall the Citrix XenApp Remote Desktop application on a PC or Mac.