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Directory Notice

Important: Access and use of any Candidate Support Directory information is governed by the following terms and conditions:

  • General Use Only: The Candidate Support Directory website ("Support Directory") is for general information purposes only and is not validated by ICANN. All directory information is submitted voluntarily by external parties expressing interest either as a potential applicant or offering to provide support services to applicants to the new gTLD program.
  • No endorsement: The inclusion or presentation of any listing in the Support Directory does not constitute and should not be interpreted to be: (i) an endorsement or recommendation by ICANN of the listed applicant or organization in any manner; or (ii) an indication or other inference that the listed applicant or organization has advance standing in relation to the new gTLD program.
  • Disclaimer: Support Directory information is made available on a strictly 'AS IS', 'AS AVAILABLE' basis. Use of the information and web links in any listing is at the user's own discretion and risk. ICANN does not validate or monitor Support Directory listing information. ICANN is not responsible or liable for the accuracy, legitimacy, legality, quality or suitability of (i) the information or third party site links provided in any listing; or (ii) products/services displayed or obtained as a result of access or use of any listing or third party site link.
  • Exclusion of Liability: ICANN excludes: (i) any warranties whether express, implied or otherwise in relation to the Support Directory or its use; and (ii) all liability in respect of any loss or damage (including special, consequential, indirect or damage such as loss revenue or loss of profit or opportunity) arising from or in connection with any use of the information on or accessed through the Support Directory.
  • Prohibitions: Contact information made available for each listed applicant or organization is intended to facilitate genuine assistance. Contact information must not be reproduced or used for spam, data harvesting, harassment or other unauthorized contact.
  • Directory/Listings: Additional terms and conditions apply to users wishing to submit or update a Support Directory listing.