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The dates published on this page reflect the Sunrise Period, Claims Period and, if applicable, the Qualified Launch Program, Approved Launch Program and Limited Registration Period(s) dates, provided by the applicable Registry Operator as required by the Trademark Clearinghouse Rights Protection Mechanism Requirements. All periods displayed on this page are date-based. For specific times when a period starts or ends, please refer to Registry Operator's website. Please note that any additional registration periods that a Registry Operator may run or changes to registration policies over time will not be reflected on this page.

Please Note: The information for TLDs that have conducted their startup periods may no longer be current as this information is not maintained on this page after the periods conclude and does not necessarily reflect the current Registry information. For a current list of Registries and Registry contact information, please visit and, respectively.
TLD Type Open Close Open Close Type Name Open Close Last Updated Sort ascending
locker End Date Sunrise 19 June 2024 20 August 2024 25 September 2024 24 December 2024
  • Limited Registration Period
  • Limited Registration Period
  • Qualified Launch Program
  • Pioneer Program
  • Early Access Phase (EAP)
  • QLP
  • 28 Aug 2024
  • 18 Sep 2024
  • 22 May 2024
  • 11 Sep 2024
  • 25 Sep 2024
  • 19 Aug 2024
17 May 2024