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GAC Advice: Singapore Communiqué and Applicant Responses

GAC Issues Further Advice

During ICANN 49 in Singapore, the Governmental Advisory Committee issued further advice to the ICANN Board of Directors regarding New gTLD applications. GAC Advice is intended to identify applications that are "problematic," e.g., that potentially violate national law or raise sensitivities.

Applicant Responses to GAC Advice (Published 8 May 2014)

Applicants were afforded a 21-day period in which to respond to GAC advice, as outlined in the Applicant Guidebook. The ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee will consider applicant responses in formulating its response to GAC advice. Note: responses may be updated or added pending clarification from applicants.

Download All Responses [PDF, 1.01 MB]

Application ID Prioritization Number String Applicant Response
1-1273-63351 184 GMBH TLDDOT GmbH View Response
1-880-17627 342 LLC Dot Registry, LLC View Response
1-1309-81322 524 SPA Asia Spa and Wellness Promotion Council Limited View Response
1-880-35979 531 INC Dot Registry, LLC View Response
1-1538-23177 618 VIN Holly Shadow, LLC View Response
1-880-39342 825 CORP Dot Registry, LLC View Response
1-870-27617 830 DESI Desi Networks, LLC View Response
1-880-35508 864 LLP Dot Registry, LLC View Response
1-1515-14214 917 WINE June Station, LLC View Response
1-2055-15880 1,409 RAM Chrysler Group LLC. View Response
1-959-51046 1,557 MUSIC .music LLC View Response
1-1619-92115 1,696 SPA Foggy Sunset, LLC View Response
1-1192-28569 1,732 MED HEXAP SAS View Response
1-1032-95136 1,751 HOTEL HOTEL Top-Level-Domain S.a.r.l View Response