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Applicant Videos

As part of ICANN's global program to raise awareness and interest in all of the New gTLDs, we invited all New gTLD applicants to participate in a series of recorded interviews. The short videos provide insight into the individual story of a TLD, or portfolio of TLDs, the inspiration behind it and how they see it being used.

Videos will be shared on an ongoing basis.

. 健康 (Healthy) – Jason Du, CEO, Stable Tone

"People using (.healthy) will find it easy to identify really, healthy lifestyle products and services."

.TICKETS – Steve Machin, Founder, Accent Media

"We could use this New gTLD program to make .TICKETS into an authenticated safe space for tickets."

.SKI – Godefroy Jordan, CEO and Founder, Dot Ski

"The Ski Community is a very old community of around 110 million skiers who are passionate and are using the Internet more and more."

.MUSIC – Constantine Roussos, Co-Founder, MyTLD

"With .MUSIC the goal was to create a safehaven so the artists can benefit and also fans will know that if they visit a .MUSIC site it's authentic."

.WED – Adrienne McAdory, President and CEO, Atgron, Inc.

"For example, Mary and John have The special nature of the wedding, to us, means that maybe the next Mary and John can have as well."

.WIKI – Ray King, CEO, Top Level Design LLC

"Success to me is where people using wiki technology will do a better job melding their thoughts together. "

.BUZZ – Bill Doshier, President, Dot Strategy

"I'm looking to present an option or an opportunity to the new internet user."

.GAL – Marcos Fernandez Otero, PuntoGAL

"Our broadest objective is to contribute to the normalization of our language, Galician, which is spoken by more than three million people."

.LINK – Frank Schilling, Managing Director, Uniregistry

"I've used the Internet around the world and I've seen that there's definitely demand, there's going to be an incendiary take up of these over the next ten years."

.LUXURY – Monica Kirchner, ECO, Dot Luxury

"Our string is .LUXURY and [this string] is for every participant in the luxury industry. It's for brands, it's for retailers, it's for consumers, it's for experts, it will bring together all of those parties in one digital platform."

.DONUTS – Daniel Schindler, Co-Founder, Donuts

"Donuts applied for 307 new GTLDs. We started with a list of 3,000 and whittled it down over a period of time to 307."

.REST – Aaron Grego, Co-Founder, Ponto 2012

"We want them to have a great identity just to be able to communicate better with their consumers. At the end of the day we all eat at restaurants."

.CLUB – Jeff Sass, CMO, Club Domains

"The word club has a unique inherent marketing value because it's used the same throughout the world so the word club is spelled and means the same all over the world so we're very excited about the opportunity for that as a global brand."

.ECO – Jacob Malthouse, Co-Founder, Big Room Inc.

"Our inspiration is our own environmental backgrounds and the connection between the nature of the environmental community, which is very multistakeholder, coming together to work on environmental issues."

.SECURE – Alex Stamos, CTO, Artemis

"The idea of .SECURE is to take a lot of the different kinds of concerns that consumers have about safety and trusting the Internet and collapse it all into one easy security experience."

.BIBLE – Scott Wennermark, American Bible Society

"Our mission statement is to make the bible available to every person in a language and format that they can understand and afford so that all may experience its life changing message."

.HIV – Carolin Silbernagi, CEO .HIV

"For us it has been an amazing journey to use the global infrastructure that is the DNS to tackle the global humanitarian challenge that is HIV. And we will continue to do so."

.PINK – Roland Laplante, CMO, Affilias

""Sports teams have colors; [players] have colors that they like; everybody has a favorite color, so we thought, 'Why not try and see what colors could do?' We applied for several different colors, but one of the best is probably .PINK"

.SHABAKA – Yasmin Omer, GM dotShabaka

".SHABAKA will be the Arabic internet for the Arabic speaking community. The internet in Arabic is referred to as 'Shabaka Internet' and the Shabaka is instantly recognized by all Arabic speakers."

.LONDON – Antony Van Couvering, CEO, Top Level Domains

"We love London. It's a world capital, it's a capital finance, it's one of the world's most visited cities and we think that it would make a fantastic top level domain."

.XYZ – Daniel Negari, CEO, LLC

"When thinking about what generations are interested in registering an xyz name the first thing that comes to mind is generation X, generation Y and generation Z. We are the xyz generation."

.MENU – Tom Brackey, Dot Menu

"Menu is a universal term and we want to be able to spread the news of .MENU around the world."

.SCIENCE – Andy Churley, CMO, Famous Four Media

"The inspiration behind .SCIENCE is that almost everybody in the world is a scientist. Whether you're a child discovering things or you're a seasoned professional scientist furthering the advancements of science."