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Milestone: Initial Evaluation Comes to a Close

30 August 2013

Today, ICANN released Initial Evaluation Results for the final batch of active applications – those holding priority numbers 1801 to 1930 – marking the end of the Initial Evaluation ("IE") phase of the New gTLD Program.

Current Status of Applications:

  • 1,745 passed IE and are eligible to proceed to the next phase of the Program
  • 32 eligible for Extended Evaluation
  • 3 were not approved either due to the New gTLD Program Committee's acceptance of Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) Advice, or because they did not meet the minimum required criteria under the Applicant Support Program
  • 121 were withdrawn
  • 29 are on hold

There are a small number of applications currently on hold due to a pending change request or because additional information is required from the applicant before the evaluation can be finalized. ICANN will continue to release the results of these applications until all have completed IE.

Congratulations to all applicants that completed IE, a process that began with the first results being released in March 2013. We thank all applicants for participating in the New gTLD Program and for helping bring diversity, competition, and innovation to the Domain Name System.

We look forward to continued collaboration during the next phases of the program.

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