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Participants Needed for New gTLD Pre-Delegation Testing Pilot

ICANN and Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT) service provider Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur (.SE) seek New gTLD applicant volunteers to participate in the Pre-Delegation Testing Pilot. Pilot participants will prepare and submit test materials in the coming weeks, well ahead of the planned 22 April 2013 start of Pre-Delegation Testing. The Pilot is a practice test; all applicants must pass the final pre-delegation test prior to receiving approval to proceed to introduction into the root zone. The Pilot will help ICANN and .SE verify the operational process, systems, specifications and criteria of the test.

Sign Up Now!

  1. Download and complete the PDT Pilot Volunteer Form [DOCX, 36 KB].
  2. Email the form to
    • Subject: "PDT Pilot Participation"

Pilot Details

Selecting Pilot Participants

ICANN will select approximately five (5) applicants from the list of volunteers to participate in the Pre-Delegation Testing Pilot. To maximize learning for ICANN and .SE with this limited volume, we anticipate selecting only one (1) applicant per Registry Service Provider (RSP) for the pilot. No preference will be given to any specific RSP during the selection process.

Pilot Testing Schedule (February – April 2013)

  • Sign-up: 28 February – 8 March
  • Selection / Notification: 11-13 March
  • Data Submission: 13-19 March
  • Testing: 20 March – 5 April

Participation Requirements

  • Applicant's systems to be tested must be operational by 13 March (testing environment acceptable)
  • Ability to submit required data by 19 March
    • Data escrow agent agreement not required
  • Availability to support Pre-Delegation Testing 13 March – 5 April
    • 24-hour support not required
  • One individual must serve as the applicant's point of contact for Pilot testing

Pre-delegation Testing Point of Contact Responsibilities

  • Be knowledgeable in registry services and the technical infrastructure of the system to be tested
  • Receive and respond to all PDT service provider communications during the Pilot process
  • Ensure that the applicant's PDT System is ready and all required data is inputby 19 March
  • Modify and resubmit data, and adjust the system as requested

Learn more about Pre-Delegation Testing.