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TAS Interruption - Update (20 April 2012)

Statement by Akram Atallah, COO

We understand that the dates for the reopening and closing of the application system are important to new gTLD applicants.

As we have noted in previous updates, identifying which applicants may have been affected by the technical glitch, and determining who may have been able to see someone else's data, require extensive analysis of a very large data set. This is a time-consuming task, but it is essential to ensure that all potentially affected applicants are accurately identified and notified.

Until that process is complete, we are unable to provide a specific date for reopening the application system.

In order to give all applicants notice and an opportunity to review and complete their applications, upon reopening the system we will keep it open for at least five business days.

No later than 27 April 2012 we will provide an update on the reopening of the system and the publication of the applied-for new domain names.

We regret the inconvenience that we know this has caused to new gTLD applicants. We continue to work to resolve it.