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New gTLDs: Trending Topics

The six most relevant resources to bookmark

The new gTLD application window has closed. We plan to post the full list of applied-for strings on 13 June - "Reveal Day."  This event launches the next phase of the new gTLD program.  As you can read in our What to Expect Next report, the posting of the applied-for strings marks the beginning of several new program activites.

So what are they?  Where can I find out more about them?

These handy resources will help you.

Application Results

This is where to go to see who has applied, and for what strings. This also is where you can track each application as it moves through the evaluation process. Find out how an application fared in Initial Evaluation, whether it elected Extended Evaluation, or is in String Contention, and more.

Application Comments

Is there a particular application on which you would like to comment? This is where you do that. Comments may be submitted on any application for an evaluation panel’s consideration.  A comment submitted in an application is not consider a formal objection and, by itself, will not block an application.  The comments, however, will be available for viewing by dispute resolution service providers.

Objection Period

If you want to file a formal objection to a specific application, this page will:

  • Give you an overview of the four objection grounds
  • Explain "standing" (who can file an objection?)
  • List the various Dispute Resolution Service Providers you can file your objection with, and
  • Give you a high level snapshot of the whole Objection and Dispute Resolution process.

Batching Process (Coming Soon)

Want to know more about batching? Given the large number of applications received, ICANN will divide and evaluate them in batches.  The link above will take you to a page providing key dates regarding batching and resources to help you better understand the process.

New gTLD Program Feedback

Would you like to offer comments on the overall new gTLD Program? This is the page where you can do so. We will collect program feedback beginning 13 June until the end of the first round. All feedback will be reviewed and considered as part of our continued effort to improve the New gTLD Program.

Program Statistics

Want a high level snapshot of the New gTLD Program? Check this site for program stats such as total number of applications received, total number of community-based applications, total number of IDN applications, and more.

The new gTLD program is complex and can be, at times, confusing.  But the six resources linked in this article can help you find your way to the information you need.