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Objection Period Closing 13 March 2013

Objections to new gTLD strings must be submitted by 13 March 2013 at 23:59:59 UTC in order to be considered by Dispute Resolution Service Providers (DRSPs).

The objection process is intended to afford businesses, individuals, governmental entities and communities an opportunity to formally advance arguments against introducing certain new gTLDs into the domain name system. Parties with standing may file formal objections to applied-for gTLD strings on the grounds of string confusion, legal rights, limited public interest or community opposition.

Objections at a Glance

  • Objections must be:
    • filed directly with the appropriate DRSP
    • written in English
    • limited to 5000 words or 20 pages, whichever is less
      • note: administrative portions of objection filing documents will be excluded from the word/page count
    • addressed to only one application, from only one objector
    • based upon only one of the grounds for objection listed above
  • Fees apply: DRSPs determine the amount

Objection Funding Opportunities for Governmental Entities and ALAC

ICANN will make funding available to eligible governmental entities and the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) to cover DRSP costs. Interested parties must submit a funding request form by 11 March 2013.

Learn more about Objection & Dispute Resolution.