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Pre-Delegation Testing: Beta Testing & Resources Update

ICANN has extended Beta Testing invites to over 200 applicants and published an updated set of resource documents as part of our continuing effort to help applicants prepare for Pre-Delegation Testing.

Applications eligible for PDT Beta Testing have passed Initial Evaluation, are not involved in string contention and have no open objections. Test appointments are available through 15 July 2013. However, once the Registry Agreement is approved and ICANN begins the contracting process with applicants, any scheduled Beta Testing will be cancelled and we will transition to official Pre-Delegation Testing.

Applicants are encouraged to download and use the most current versions of our PDT Resources, which include input templates and test specifications. We've also created a PDT Materials Update Guide (v.1.5) [PDF, 36 KB] to explain which of the documents differ from previous versions.

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ICANN is targeting publishing the next update to the PDT Resources in the late June/early July 2013 timeframe.