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Updated PDT Specifications: IDN Changes

23 July 2015

ICANN has updated the PDT test specifications and supporting resources. The notable changes to the test specifications are summarized below. The changes primarily update the IDN tests to incorporate the changes that have been issued via an errata document to participants since 20 May 2015. The changes to the test cases are mainly intended to increase clarity of the requirements for the Registry operators. Below is a brief summary of the changes included in this release (v.2.7):

  • The IDN testing has been updated to reflect the changes that have been in use via errata documents since 20 May 2015.
  • A DNS Test Case (DNS04) has been updated to better align with the IANA testing – this updated test will not be enforced until 31 August 2015
  • The FAQ has been updated.
  • The Input Data Instructions have been updated

To view the latest versions of the PDT resources please see:

Upcoming Changes: Incorporating the Whois Advisory into PDT Requirements

Additionally, ICANN has composed draft PDT specifications for the Whois tests to align the PDT requirements with the Whois related Advisory, published on 27 April 2015 ( These test cases have been published as drafts to allow feedback, which can be submitted to the gtld-tech mailing list ( through August 14. The specifications will then be updated and published in 4Q2015. At which point the new specifications will be applied in PDT but applicants will be allowed to pass PDT with "warnings" if they do not meet the new requirements prior to the effective date of the Advisory, 31 January 2016. Please review the README file included for more information.

DRAFT WHOIS Specs for Comment [ZIP, 3.3 MB]

Redline documents have been provided to highlight the changes to users for both sets of documents.