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Posting of Public Interest Commitments (PIC) Specifications

In an announcement on 5 February 2013, ICANN requested that New gTLD applicants submit PIC Specifications. PIC Specifications provide applicants with the opportunity to make public interest commitments based on statements made in their applications and/or additional public interest commitments which were not included in their applications but to which they intend to commit. These commitments will become part of the applicant’s new gTLD registry agreement.

Beginning today, PIC Specifications submitted by applicants will be available for public review. The Application Comments Forum remains open for any comments on applications, including comments on PIC Specifications.

PIC Specifications can be viewed from the Current Application Status page on the New gTLD microsite. If a PIC Specification has been submitted for an application, "Yes" will be displayed in the PICs column. Click the link to download a PDF of the PIC Specification for that application. To view all submitted PIC Specifications at once, click the "Download All PICs" link at the top of the Current Application Status page. PIC Specifications are also available from the Application Details page.

For more information about PIC Specifications, view the FAQs page.