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Clarification to Pre-Delegation Testing Specifications

19 March 2015

The PDT provider has updated the PDT test specifications and supporting resources. The notable changes to the test specifications are summarized below, and focus on the DNS testing and the IDN tests. The changes to the test cases are intended to increase clarity of the requirements for the Registry operators. In addition to modifying some of the test cases, registry operators should note the PDT provider has added a test node to their system that must be accepted by the registry's systems.  Please see the Input Data Instructions for further information.

Below is a brief summary of the changes included in this release (v.2.6):

  • A new Test Case (DNS36) has been added to the DNSSEC test suite.
  • The IDN testing has been enhanced with the following changes:
    • Test Case IDNvalid03 has been clarified.
    • Two new Test Cases, IDNvalid09 and IDNvalid10, have been added.
    • IDNvalid08 has been renamed to IDNvalid11.
  • Minor clarifications to two test cases in the Documentation testing.
  • The Input Data Instructions has been updated:
    • A new test node has been added to the list of test nodes that applicant systems must accept.
    • The IDN section has been updated to match the changes to the Test Cases.
  • The EPP system has been enhanced to accept up to four levels of nested extensions (two additional than prior version). To accommodate this enhancement, the XML schema for the pdtepp.xml file has been updated.
  • The FAQ has been updated.

For changes to the test cases, redline documents have been provided to highlight the changes to users.

To view the latest versions of the PDT resources please see:

Any questions should be submitted to ICANN via: