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Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedures Rules Updated

15 October 2013

The Rules for the Trademark Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure (Trademark PDDRP) and Registry Restriction Dispute Resolution Procedure (RRDRP) are now available for download.

Download the Rules:

The Trademark PDDRP and RRDRP are two of several new Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) available in the New gTLD Program. These procedures complement both existing and other new RPMs and have been developed to provide those harmed by a new gTLD Registry Operator's conduct an avenue to have such conduct independently reviewed and evaluated. The Trademark PDDRP addresses a Registry Operator's complicity in trademark infringement on the first or second level of a New gTLD. The RRDRP is intended to address circumstances in which a community-based New gTLD Registry Operator deviates from the registration restrictions outlined in its Registry Agreement.

The Trademark PDDRP [PDF, 181 KB] and the RRDRP [PDF, 257 KB] define their respective claims processes, and the Rules will help the service providers implement the Trademark PDDRP and the RRDRP in a consistent manner.

In addition to the Rules published by ICANN, each service provider will produce Supplemental Rules to help standardize conduct for that provider's interactions with complainants and respondents. Supplemental rules must not be inconsistent with the Procedure or the Rules.

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