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Registry Agreement Modification

14 January 2014

On 9 January 2014, ICANN made a "Required Change" to the Registry Agreement (RA) for new gTLDs to insert URLs in the following sections of the RA (where placeholder text previously existed):

  • Section 2.19 (RRDRP – Community TLD only)
  • Section 1 of Specification 7 (Trademark Clearinghouse Requirements)
  • Section 2(a) of Specification 7 (PDDRP and RRDRP)
  • Section 2(b) of Specification 7 (URS)
  • Section 2 of Specification 11 (PICDRP).

Read the Documentation

Registries that have signed the RA are being notified directly via email, pursuant to Section 1 of the RA Supplement. Registries need not take any action – the Required Change will incorporate seamlessly into the RA without any further required action by the Registry Operator or ICANN. Please contact with questions.