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Infographics Explaining the Domain Name Industry Available

The Domain Name Industry is a growing network that is immense in scope, made up of organizations, businesses and individuals involved in the business of domain names. In an effort to explain the subject, ICANN has published infographics to illustrate various aspects of the system that plays such a crucial role in the global Internet.

The topics of these infographics include the following:

  • Ecosystem – The overall environment of the industry
  • Value Chain – An overview of the layers that make up the Domain Name Industry
  • Responsibilities – The responsibilities of each party from ICANN all the way to domain buyers

These infographics were originally produced in 2013 in conjunction with the Domain Name Association and the versions published by ICANN have been made current. The infographics are subject to the rules of the 2013 Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.