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Customer Portal User Guide Created to Help Applicants Transition to Delegation

5 September 2013

Upon becoming eligible for Contracting, applicants will notice added functionality when logging into the Customer Portal. Within the Cases View, new filters for Transition to Delegation cases (e.g., Contracting, Pre-Delegation Testing, and Transition to IANA) may be selected. These process-specific cases will help applicants facilitate data submission to ICANN. In order to help applicants navigate this new functionality in the Customer Portal, ICANN has created a user guide.

Download the Customer Portal User Guide: Transition to Delegation [PDF, 2.18 MB]

Benefits of conducting Transition to Delegation processes though the Customer Portal include, but are not limited to:

  • secure platform to exchange sensitive information between applicants and ICANN
  • automatic credential feature to relate Primary Contact Customer Portal users to application(s) when submitting case inquiries or requested data
  • centralized location of previous Customer Portal activities for search and referencing

Further details about using the Portal for Contracting, Pre-Delegation Testing and Transition to IANA can be found in the Customer Portal User Guide.

If after reviewing the User Guide you still have questions, please contact Customer Service through the Customer Portal (applicants) or by emailing (non-applicants).

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