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Applicant Guidebook Version 6

Nouveaux gTLD – avril 2011 discussions préliminaires [PDF, 9.46 Mo]

Nuevos Dominios Genéricos de Alto Nivel (gTLD) – Borrador para Debate Abril de 2011 [PDF, 9.51 MB]
Full Version:
Applicant Guidebook – 15 April 2011 Discussion Draft, Version 6 [PDF, 6.18 MB]
  Public Comment Forum
(closed on 15 May 11)
Summary & Analysis [PDF, 1.10 MB] Trademark Protection (Trademark Claim and Sunrise Services & the requirements for demonstrating "use") [PDF, 284 KB]

GAC and Government Objections: Handling of Sensitive Strings; Early Warning [PDF, 354 KB]

Exemptions to Objection Fees for Governments [PDF, 330 KB]

Root Zone Scaling [PDF, 286 KB]

Market and Economic Impacts [PDF, 480 KB]

Registry-Registrar Separation [PDF, 400KB]
GAC comments on the Applicant Guidebook (April 15th, 2011 version) [PDF, 112 KB] (26 May 11)

Revised ICANN Notes on: the GAC New gTLDs Scorecard, and GAC Comments to Board Response - clean

Revised ICANN Notes on: the GAC New gTLDs Scorecard, and GAC Comments to Board Response - redline [PDF, 396 KB]

Summary of Changes to Registry Agreement [PDF, 400KB]
  Module 1:
Introduction to the gTLD Application Process [PDF, 704 KB]
redline [PDF, 714 KB] View      
  Module 2:
Evaluation Procedures [PDF, 416 KB]
redline [PDF, 468 KB]        
  Attachment to Evaluation Procedures:
Evaluation Criteria [PDF, 277 KB]
redline [PDF, 489 KB] View      
  Module 3:
Dispute Resolution Procedures [PDF, 247 KB]
redline [PDF, 132 KB] View      
  Attachment to Resolution Procedures:

New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure [PDF, 130 KB]
  Draft ICDR Fees [PDF, 23 KB]        
  Draft ICDR Rules [PDF, 23 KB]        
  Draft WIPO Fees [PDF, 13 KB]        
  Draft WIPO Rules [PDF, 27 KB]        
  Module 4:
String Contention Procedures [PDF, 398 KB]
redline [PDF, 400 KB] View      
  Module 5:
Transition to Delegation [PDF, 210 KB]
redline [PDF, 229 KB] View      
  Attachments to Transition to Delegation:

Base Agreement & Specifications [PDF, 776 KB]
redline [PDF, 427 KB]      
  Uniform Rapid Suspension [PDF, 147 KB] redline [PDF, 158 KB]      
  Trademark Clearinghouse [PDF, 155 KB] redline [PDF, 166 KB]      
  Post Delegation Dispute Resolution (PDDRP) [PDF, 559 KB] redline [PDF, 671 KB]      
  Registry Restriction Dispute Resolution (RRDRP) [PDF, 262 KB] redline [PDF, 315 KB]      
  Module 6:
Application Terms & Conditions [PDF, 94 KB]
redline [PDF, 94 KB] View