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Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS)


For up to date information, please go to ICANN's CZDS webpage at:

Understanding the Centralized Zone Data Service


The Centralized Zone Data Service provides a centralized point for interested parties to request access to the Zone Files provided by participating Top Level Domains. The service is the solution for scaling zone data transfer as hundreds of new gTLDs are added to the Internet.

Every new Registry will be required to provide zone data files to approved requestors (e.g. law enforcement agents, IP attorneys, researchers) upon technical delegation of its gTLD. The process used by many existing Registries is to create and execute a contract for every zone data request. By contrast, the process is streamlined by allowing requestors using the CZDS agree to standardized Terms and Conditions before submitting one or multiple requests, and Registries can simply approve or deny requests with one click. Registries can also save time by appointing ICANN to handle zone data file formatting and transfer (AXFR) instead of using internal resources.


Full launch of the CZDS is planned to occur around the time the first new TLDs are delegated

Detailed Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions [PDF, 324 KB]
  • New Registries will be provided instructions for navigating the Centralized Zone Data Service once a Registry Agreement has been executed..
  • Zone data requestors can learn how to use the CZDS via the CZDS portal help pages.



18 July 2013 – CZDS Live Demo Session

During ICANN 47 Durban, ICANN staff introduced the Beta version of the CZDS and demonstrated how to use the service.

For more information on the history of the CZDS, see the Zone File Access Advisory Group Archives.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Available

During ICANN 47 Durban, staff gave a presentation on the Centralized Zone Data Service, which generated many questions. Get answers to the questions posed since Durban in the document below.

Centralized Zone Data Service – Live in Beta

ICANN launched a Beta version of the service in July 2013. Enhancements found in the latest iteration of the platform were based on feedback received during the Durban session and Beta testing.