TAS Updates



20 March 2012

Logging into Citrix and TAS After a Password Reset Request

1 March 2012

29 March – Last Day for TAS Registration

29 March 2012 is the last day to register in TAS and request an application. See the 29 March announcement at http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-29feb12-en.htm.

Country Code

To ensure accurate information is provided, applicants should always click on the Country Code link next to the Country field in TAS to ensure they select the correct 2-letter code for their country.  Do not make an assumption. An extra minute spent double-checking the country code could save applicants much time down the road.

ACH Wires Will Take Significantly Longer to Process

As information transmitted with ACH wire transfers is extremely limited, ICANN highly encourages applicants to use a different wire transfer method (e.g. SWIFT). It can take several business days and possibly weeks for ICANN to reconcile ACH payments. Consequently, applicants may experience significant delays in accessing TAS, or being able to submit a complete application. Applicants that use ACH should take this into consideration.

Remember to Submit Wire Details to ICANN After Completing Your Wire Transfers

There have been several instances where applicants have made a wire transfer without subsequently logging back in to submit the wire information.  In order for ICANN to reconcile payment, applicants must log back into the system after sending the wire to complete and submit the respective wire details form. 

Remember to include the Wire Reference ID or Application ID when sending the wire

ICANN uses the data provided by your bank with the wire to help reconcile your payment to the correct application.  When sending the wire, be sure to include the Wire Reference ID or Application ID provide by ICANN as the first item in the wire transfer notes field to ensure it does not get truncated by the bank.  Wires received where this information is not include can take much longer to reconcile.

Password  Rules

When resetting your passwords, please be mindful of the following requirements:

  • minimum 8 characters
  • at least one letter, one number and one special character
  • new passwords cannot be the same as your prior 4 passwords

"Password Expired" Message Upon Initial Login to Citrix Means You Have Successfully Utilized Your Temporary Password

When first logging into Citrix using your temporary password, the screen will display a message "Password Expired, Please enter a new password." This message means that you have successfully utilized your temporary password. To proceed, simply provide a new password for all subsequent logins.

Citrix Password is Different Than TAS Password

Note that applicants will receive 2 sets of passwords (both after registration fee reconciliation and after password reset requests). One password is for Citrix login, the other password is for TAS login. Be sure the correct password is being used.

Username and Password are Case Sensitive

Note that the username and password are case sensitive. Please be mindful of this when using them.

1 February 2012

Registration and Evaluation Fee Submission

The USD 5000 and USD 180000 (or USD 42000 for Applicant Support candidates) fees are net of any taxes, fluctuation in currency exchange values, and transactions fees. Applicants should inform their banks that ALL wire fees are to be paid by the applicant. This includes any fees that might be deducted by the sending bank, intermediary banks, or receiving bank. Applicants must indicate to their banks when sending the wire that all wire fees are to be incurred by the sender of the wire and none by the recipient. ICANN will not process an application until the full fee payment is received.

Process for requesting changes to your accounts or applications

If you must make corrections to your user/applicant profiles, or application, click on the link above for an outline of the process to request changes.

Registration Withdrawal

The Registration System has been updated to allow users to withdraw existing registrations themselves in TAS prior to viewing the Wire Details screen.

Protect the security of your accounts and applications

ICANN has implemented several security measures for the protection of applicants, but we need your help. Be vigilant in guarding sensitive information regarding your application. When contacting ICANN through the New gTLD Customer Service Center, do not provide sensitive information such as username, password, wire reference ID, birthdates, residence address, answers to any of the application questions, etc. If we require specific information about your account or application, we will contact you and provide a secure channel for you to provide that information to us.

Primary contact's email address

ICANN will only respond to inquiries about a TAS user account if they come in via the primary contact's email address.

Do not send New gTLD Customer Service attachments

ICANN's internal security policies prevent us from opening attachments. If you need to send documents, please let us know via an email and we will provide an appropriate channel for you to get the form to us.

ICANN Legal Review

This process typically takes 2 to 3 business days. However, the actual length of time varies depending on the circumstances of the application.

Fee Payment Reconciliation

The fee payment reconciliation process takes 3-5 business days once ICANN receives the wire information from the applicant's bank. Note, this time does not consider the time it might take for your bank to complete the wire transaction. Remember, ICANN cannot process receipt of your payment unless you have submitted the completed wire details form in the Registration or TAS system.

Information for international wire transactions

International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) are not required to complete wire transactions with U.S.-based banks - IBANs are not typically issued to U.S. banks. Please advise your bank that the wire transaction is going to a U.S. bank with no IBAN number, and provide your bank with the ABA routing number as well as the International SWIFT code and account number. This information is provided to you after successful registration in TAS.

Logging Into TAS

Please note that you will need to log into the Citrix XenApp Remote Desktop before logging into TAS. This is true every time you want to log into TAS.