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Program Implementation Reviews


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The Revised Program Implementation Review Report published in January 2016 examines the effectiveness and efficiency of ICANN's implementation of the New gTLD Program. The ICANN team responsible for the Program implementation performed self-assessments in several areas of the program to create a draft report, published for public comment in September 2015. The revised report, including incorporation of comments received, will inform the work of the Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice (CCT) Review Team, as well as that of ICANN staff toward development of future procedures.

Review Areas

The report examines eight topics according to efficiency; effectiveness; predictability; fairness; security and stability; and alignment to policy and implementation guidance.

  1. Application Processing: Activities that played a role in ICANN's processing of applications, such as the administrative completeness check process, prioritization of applications, application change requests, application withdrawal, etc.
  2. Application Evaluation: Background Screening, DNS Stability, String Similarity, Registry Services, Geographic Names, Technical Capability, and Financial Capability evaluation streams.
  3. Objection/Dispute Resolution: Objection and dispute resolution processes and the role of the Independent Objector.
  4. Contention Resolution: Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) and auction processes.
  5. Contracting and Transition to Delegation: Contracting and pre-delegation processes.
  6. Applicant Support Program: Applicant Support Program process.
  7. Continuing Operations Instruments: Continuing Operations Instrument requirement and process.
  8. Program Operations: Activities relating to the operations of the program, such as customer service, communications, systems, processes, vendor and financial management, etc.

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