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Program Statistics

Current Statistics (Updated monthly)

Application Statistics: Overview (as of 31 October 2023)
Total Applications Submitted 1930
Completed New gTLD Program
(gTLD Delegated** - introduced into Internet)
Applications Withdrawn 646
Applications that Will Not Proceed/Not Approved 39
Currently Proceeding through New gTLD Program* 4
Contention Resolution  
Total Contention Sets 234
Resolved Contention Sets 232
Contention Sets Resolved via ICANN Auction 16
Unresolved Contention Sets 2
Applications Pending Contention Resolution 0
Executed Registry Agreements (completed contracting) 1255
Registry Agreements with Specification 13 494
Registry Agreements with Code of Conduct Exemption 80
In Contracting 4
Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT)  
Passed PDT 1253
**Breakdown: Delegation Statistics
Delegated gTLDs (Introduced into Internet) 1241

Select Subcategories of Delegated gTLDs

(NOTE: gTLDs may fall into more than one subcategory)

Community 56
Geographic 53
Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) 97
gTLD Startup Statistics (as of 1 November 2023)
Completed 627
In Progress 1
Not Started 0
Completed 802
In Progress 176
Not Started 2

Please note: Registry Agreement and Delegated gTLD totals are not adjusted for TLDs that subsequently terminated their Registry Agreements and/or were removed from the root zone. In addition, Specification 13 and Code of Conduct Exemption totals are not adjusted if subsequently removed.

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New gTLD Application Submission Statistics

The statistics in this section were calculated based on applications received by the 29 March 2012 deadline.

Application Breakdown by: Region | Type | String Similarity

Application Breakdown by Region

Statistics as of 13 June 2012

Diagram of New gTLD Application Submission Statistics Breakdown by Region

Application Breakdown by Type

Statistics as of 13 June 2012

Application Totals

  • Community: 84
  • Geographic: 66
  • Internationalized Domain Names: 116
    • Total Scripts Represented: 12
  • Other: 1846
Program Statistics Diagram

Application Breakdown by String Similarity

Statistics as of 26 February 2013

Approximate Number of Unique Applied-for Strings: 1,400

  • Contention Sets
    • Exact Match: 230
      (two or more applications for a string with same characters)
    • Confusingly Similar: 2
      • .hotels & .hoteis
      • .unicorn & .unicom
  • Applications in a Contention Set: 751